What is ChinaFAQs?
ChinaFAQs is a project facilitated by the World Resources Institute that provides insight into critical questions about Chinese policy and action on energy and climate change.

The ChinaFAQs network is comprised of U.S.-based experts, including researchers at U.S. universities and government laboratories, independent scholars, and other professionals.

For more information about the ChinaFAQs network of experts, please refer to our
Experts Page
ChinaFAQs Staff Page

What Does ChinaFAQs do?
Through collaboration with experts, ChinaFAQs seeks to:

  • provide information backed by credible data and research to increase understanding about China’s climate and energy policies
  • track and communicate progress and pitfalls of China’s actions to opinion leaders, federal agencies and Congress
  • increase exchanges between experts and the policy community and opinion leaders
  • serve as a resource for policy professionals to learn about and tap into the climate and energy community

What’s on the ChinaFAQs website?
The ChinaFAQs website serves as a portal to content and experts on China climate and energy issues. Information on www.ChinaFAQs.org is organized by issue area, allowing users to both quickly find information to answer specific questions and to easily browse a variety of topics.

For more information about our issue areas, please refer to our Issue Areas Page.

Within each issue area, users will find one or more fact sheets that draw upon the research and analysis of experts, as well as related data, graphics, news articles, expert commentary, and other content.