ChinaFAQs: Resources for the Hu-Obama Summit

China and the U.S. at the Summit

China’s Actions

United States-China Cooperation

Renewable Energy

Energy Efficiency

  • Fact Sheet: Appliance Energy Efficiency Standards
    China has developed an array of mandatory and voluntary standards and labeling programs with international assistance, which promise to significantly reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, but stepped up compliance testing and enforcement could enable China to reap even bigger gains.
  • Fact Sheet: Efficiency, a Thousand Companies at a Time
    Examines outcomes and indicators of China’s “Top-1000 Energy-Consuming Enterprises Program,” which is expected to exceed energy savings targets.
  • Fact Sheet: China’s Ten Key Energy Efficiency Projects
    Describes the scope and progress of the billion-dollar program that provides financial support for energy-saving projects ranging from the power sector to construction.


  • Fact Sheet: Industrial Energy Efficiency Cooperation
    Lists China’s international cooperative initiatives on industrial energy efficiency, lessons learned, and opportunities for future cooperation.


  • Fact Sheet: Fast Track to Curbing Emissions
    A description of China’s recent program to build 10,000 miles of high-speed passenger rail over the next decade, connecting most of China’s major cities, and potentially producing significant gains in energy efficiency.
  • Fact Sheet: Fuel Economy Standards in China
    China’s 2004 fuel economy standards for passenger vehicles, which are stricter than those of the U.S., have produced significant gains in pollution reduction and are likely to be tightened, a joint study by U.S. and Chinese scholars finds.

Coal for Electricity

  • Fact Sheet: A Quest to Curb Coal Use
    Outlines China’s dependence on coal for electricity, and progress in developing and deploying cleaner coal technologies.
  • Graphic: Top 10 Coal Consuming Nations
  • Expert Blog: Experts Weigh in on the Future of Coal Use in China
    A recap of a panel discussion convened by WRI and US-CAN in the lead-in to the UNFCCC Tianjin climate meeting. Discussion covered how Coal will remain a critical part of China’s energy mix for decades to come, but growth could slow and then peak around 2030.

Carbon Capture and Storage

Energy and Emissions Data

  • Fact Sheet: China’s New Emissions Inventory
    Discusses the challenges, methods and progress of China in producing its next inventory of greenhouse gas emissions, and the implications for the UNFCCC process.
  • Fact Sheet: China’s Carbon Intensity Goal
    Describes China’s goal of reducing the intensity of carbon dioxide emissions within the Chinese economy by 40-45% by 2020 and analyzes the impacts on absolute emissions of China’s efforts to achieve this goal.
  • Fact Sheet: Atmospheric Changes Reveal China’s Energy Trends
    Harvard and Tsinghua scientists conduct independent measurement study of atmospheric indicators and find evidence that corroborate official government figures showing improvement in China’s energy efficiency.
  • Graphic: China’s CO2 Emissions by Sector
    Displays CO2 emissions levels in China by sector, in relation to sectoral emissions of other nations using most recent data from 2007.

Development, Markets, and Energy

Trade and Competitiveness