Chinese and U.S. Cities, States and Provinces Announce Climate Targets and Extensive Cooperation

At this week’s U.S.-China Climate Leaders Summit in Los Angeles, eleven cities and provinces from across China committed to reach a peak in their carbon dioxide emissions before the national goal to peak around 2030. The cities and provinces—along with eighteen U.S. counterparts, which announced emissions reduction targets—also pledged to track and report their emissions, establish climate action plans, and enhance U.S.-China cooperation at the subnational level. These Chinese cities and provinces comprise a quarter of China’s urban carbon emissions, roughly equivalent to the total annual carbon emissions of Japan or Brazil. The countries also announced new climate-related partnerships involving subnational governments, the private sector, and civil society organizations.

The U.S.-China Climate Leaders’ Declaration lists the targets and actions pledged by each of the signatories. See the White House Fact Sheet for details on the new partnerships.

U.S.-China Climate Leaders Declaration

White House Fact Sheet: U.S.-China Climate Leaders Summit

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Photo Credit: City of Los Angeles