The Path to Cleaner Air: Can China learn from California?

In a visit to China this week, Jerry Brown, the Governor of California, is putting a special emphasis on the promotion of business deals between China and California as part of the solution to China’s pollution problems.

Although more can be done on climate and energy policy at the federal level, California is moving ahead with its own innovative policies to address energy and climate problems and Chinese leaders are talking openly about the possibility of learning from California’s experience.

On April 10th, Gov. Brown signed a non-binding agreement with China’s Environmental Protection Minister to “to enhance cooperation on reducing air pollution,” the first pollution related agreement between China’s government and a U.S. state. California will also assist China with developing its cap-and-trade program for carbon emissions, and will sign an information sharing agreement with Guangdong later this week.

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Photo Credit: Alf Igel via Compfight cc
Jonathan Moch is an intern with ChinaFAQs