Press Call on U.S.-China Climate Discussions

When President Obama and President Xi Jinping meet next week in Beijing, climate change and energy will be important topics of discussion. As the world’s two biggest emitters, leadership by the U.S. and China is critical as each country’s actions are closely watched by the other and the international community. In addition, interest was heightened when a senior Chinese official talked about the possibility of peak emissions in China at the UN Climate Summit in September.

Issues on the table in the U.S.-China discussion include the state of the international climate negotiations and U.S.-China cooperation on climate and energy. What should we expect to happen in the climate negotiations? What are the prospects of China peaking its emissions? Can cooperation help both countries move forward?

Leading experts on China and the international climate negotiations provided insightful answers to these and other questions in a press call Thursday with reporters from a variety of media outlets.

For the audio of the press call, click here.

Speakers on the call included:

Photo credit: U.S. Department of State