Stephanie Ohshita

Stephanie Ohshita works on energy-based strategies for multiple environmental problems—from local air pollution to global climate change—combining engineering with tools from political economy and organizational analysis. Her research examines: policy design and implementation; energy efficiency (industrial, city-wide); international cooperation mechanisms; city-level climate action; diffusion of clean and efficient technology; emissions inventories; and risk management.

Dr. Ohshita is Associate Professor of Environmental Science and Management at the University of San Francisco, and a Visiting Faculty in the China Energy Group of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Stephanie has worked as a consultant to government and industry in California, Tokyo, and Beijing, in China since 1996, and in Japan since 1988. She is trained in Chemical Engineering (SB from MIT), and Environmental Engineering and Policy (research associate at Tokyo Institute of Technology; MS and PhD from Stanford University).

Current projects with LBNL and Chinese collaborators include: structural change strategies for energy and carbon savings; methodology for target allocation in China’s 12th Five-Year Plan (at the national, provincial, city, sectoral, and enterprise levels); and low-carbon development strategies and indicator systems.

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