ChinaFAQs Theme: Why China is Acting on Clean Energy

Why is China pursuing a low-carbon energy strategy, what are the benefits and challenges, and what can other nations learn from the Chinese experience?

There is now widespread knowledge that China is taking action to promote low carbon energy. There is new interest, however, in exactly what China is doing, why it is acting, what the results are, and the lessons for the United States. In the coming months, ChinaFAQs will examine these questions in more depth.

While China and the U.S. differ in important respects, they have some similar challenges and objectives relating to energy. Both face economic, employment, energy security, and environmental challenges that are drivers toward low carbon energy. China’s actions and experience, and those of others such as Germany, provide reasons for the United States to develop and carry out its own much more robust low carbon energy strategy, both on its own and in collaboration with China and others.